3 Reasons Why You Can Be Feeling Safe With Goto Pilipinas

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3 Unrevealed Reasons Why You Can Be Feeling Safe With Goto Pilipinas 

Let's take a closer look:

COVID-19 Vaccine makes some people crazy about. It's a fact. Everybody has an opinion about it. Some say you should get it. Some say you shouldn't. Some say it's safe. Some say it's not. Some say it's a conspiracy by the government to sell you more vaccines. Some say it's a conspiracy by the medical industry to make money off you. Some say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Some say it'll give you incurable disease. But, no matter what you may call it, we can assure you that you can be feeling safe with Goto Pilipinas.

Safe restaurant for dine in

You might be wondering:

Furthermore first human clinical trial Covid 19 Vaccine makes history by becoming first vaccine to be tested in humans and approved for use during a worldwide pandemic. This is truly a historic moment! The global demand for vaccines against the new coronavirus (Covid 19. has never been greater as scientists race to find a cure for this deadly disease. The virus which causes Covid-19 has infected more than half a million people worldwide and has caused the death of over 24,000 of them.

Consider what this could mean for you and for your family:

On the other hand people More Vulnerable To The Flu! Flu shot can prevent the "Big Bad" flu but new research shows that The New Covid 19 vaccine given to 50,000 Americans can cause More Illness And Death Than The "Real" Flu! Did you know that if you or a loved one has a severe allergy to egg, chickenpox, latex or some other substance used in medical products, you should not get a vaccine containing that substance?

I am safe with Goto Pilipinas

Imagine this:

What's more safe for restaurant! Due to the current Coronavirus situation, millions of people around the world are struggling to get their hands on a vaccine for Covid-19. In fact, there is so much demand for a Covid-19 vaccine that many researchers are saying it will take at least 2-years and $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) just to get to the starting line. However, a small team of scientists have come up with what they believe is a viable solution. Thus, you must know why can be feeling safe with Goto Pilipinas.

Here's the truth:

Safety study reveals no adverse side effects In 66 human subjects who received the vaccine. That is why with Goto Pilipinas, had so much desire to make their customer feel safe. So, the management made sure that entire employees, store crew and all the support staff, were all fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Here is now the 3 reasons why you can be felling safe with Goto Pilipiinas:

1. Entire employee is 100% fully vaccinated.

2. Fully sanitized store, working area and all equipment.

3. Constantly complying on food standard.

Fully vaccinated pinoy restaurant

All in all:

With all these reasons, you can be feel safe with Goto Pilipinas. Furthermore, these are all the best reasons to have your meal with Goto Pilipinas. Order now and enjoy your Busog, Tipid, Saya Meals experience.


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