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The Newest, Must-try Pinoy Comfort Food Store in Mandaluyong 

Think about this for a moment:

Goto Pilipinas Savemore Market Fame Residences

One of the newest Pinoy comfort food store in Mandaluyong is called Goto Pilipinas Savemore Market Fames Residences. This store sells authentic Filipino dishes such as lugaw, goto, arroz caldo, batchoy, pansit palabok, dinuguan at puto and among other authentic Pinoy silog meals with a twist. We are also selling tokwa't baboy, pritong lumpia and gulaman to add some sweetness to your day.

The food at Goto Pilipinas Savemore Market Fames

Goto Pilipinas Savemore Fame Residences

Residences is not expensive at all. For example, you can buy a bowl of Goto Busog for only P48! This is a great place if you're looking for a place with delicious food without breaking the bank!

Here's an interesting fact:

Pinoy comfort food has always been a staple for Filipinos. It is one of the things that have always been there for us, through thick and thin. We are happy to announce that Goto Pilipinas Savemore Market Fame Residences has now opened their doors this November 4, 2021!

Pinoy Comfort Food near me

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to the Goto Pilipinas portfolio which is located at Fame Residences in Mandaluyong. We have created an experience where Filipinos can enjoy their favorite Pinoy dishes in a convenient and comfortable food kiosk. The first time you taste it, you will immediately feel at home!

Let's dig a little deeper:

It is the best of both worlds. It is a new Pinoy comfort food experience, where Filipinos can experience Filipino food in an upscale environment.

Affordable merienda in Mandaluyong

It is a food stand that appeal to Filipinos who want to up their game when it comes to food and dining. So, if you are looking forward to experience a Busog Tipid Saya Meals, check out on this newest Pinoy comfort food store in Mandaluyong. Just visit us in Savemore Market Fame Residences.

And the outcome...

Pinoy comfort food is undoubtedly a thing and people in the Philippines are more than keen to these dishes.

Goto Pilipinas Savemore Market Fame Residences in Mandaluyong City in a residential condominium that offers a

Busog Tipid Saya Meals

new take on these dishes. Absolutely, offering Pinoy comfort food experience with modern twists. Early shoppers have tried to experience these amazing Busog Tipid Saya affordable meals that surely satisfied their cravings.

So, what are you waiting for? Set a date, drop by, and experience Goto Pilipinas Savemore Market Fame Residences - a Pinoy comfort food store in Mandaluyong.

Gotohan in Mandaluyong

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