Health Benefits of Lugaw That No One Ever Heard Before

Our Take on Health Benefits of Lugaw

Think about this for a moment:

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Renowned for its delicious dishes filled with explosive taste buds, asian cuisine is popular around the world for its gourmet combination of sweet, salty, sour and unparalleled umami qualities. World-renowned staples such as dim sum, Yangzhou fried rice, sweet and sour pork, jingpao chicken and other recipes are often the best of  asian takeaways. But one humble dish has proven to be  more comfortable for more reasons than lugaw  (porridge). Keep reading and learn the health benefits of lugaw.

It gives refreshing power to glutinous rice by mixing ingredients such as fresh ginger and ginger yellow. The  subtle nuances of the chicken complement the dish, with each bite  giving you the feeling of a warm hug. Here's how  lugaw can improve your well-being:

But that's only part of the story:

Perk #1 Lugaw helps to keep the body moist.

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Lugaw is easy to digest and inconspicuous due to its simple ingredients, but it works wonders from the inside out. First, the water supply is good because the water to water ratio is often 8/9 to achieve the required uniformity in restaurants.  This heavy mixture of starch and water  is easily absorbed by the body, but most importantly, it stays on the stomach  longer than  other foods, making it ideal for promoting digestion.

Benefit #2 Lugaw is a filling, low-calorie meal.

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Anyone who eats a  bowl of grass can feel vomiting. However, looking at the nutritional information table, one meal is surprisingly low in calories. The fewer  carbs, the more water you add to your plate, giving you  30 calories per 100 grams of meadowsweet instead of the 100 calories you get from regular rice.



Benefit #3 Lugaw is Gentle on the Stomach

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Lugaw is the perfect meal to safely satisfy your appetite, whether you are controlling your weight or want to eat something that won't aggravate your stomach. First, food can aid digestion and inflammation, which can help  get rid of intestinal problems and diarrhea. 

It is a goto dish for people who are not feeling well, and doctors say it is  a delicious food that helps in healing.

In a Nutshell: 

Enjoying Lugaw's Delectably Healthy Properties

Lugaw shows to be a simple meal with more worth than the sum of its parts, thanks to all of its health-promoting characteristics. It's delectable proof that even the most basic dishes can bring more to the table than meets the eye, proving that lugaw is deserving of its international acclaim.

With Goto Pilpinas we make sure that these health benefits of lugaw, will be enjoyed by our customers. Have yourself a try and enjoy our Busog Tipid Saya Lugaw Busog.


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